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The Connection You Need With Your Customers

The Connection You Need With Your Customers

The success of customer service is customers feeling valued and important. Surely, every service crew desire to promptly fulfill customer’s demand and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. And of course, every customer deserves their full attention and respect. But, the amount of attention a service crew member can offer to a customer is inversely proportional to the number of customers present in the same time period (see graph). Simply put, a higher rate of service entails a lower customer focus.

Now, a dilemma surfaces – should business owners support a higher rate of service or customer focus?

Let’s delve into the present situation in the different sectors.


Nowadays, service crew are curtailed to lower labour costs. Consequently, a higher customer-to-service crew ratio inevitably overloads the remaining service crew members who are now required to simultaneously serve more customers (i.e. higher service rate). This gives rise to opportunities of overlooking potential customer needs with a lower customer focus.

Besides, conversion of existing spaces from an open concept to private dining concept is a popular move in recent years. Private dining rooms are especially common in Japanese restaurants. Respecting customers’ privacy and personal space by not disturbing them as much as possible throughout their entire dining experience has become an essential element of quality customer service. Nevertheless, it is taxing to monitor all the customers in separate rooms with limited service crew members.

Let me introduce to you a virtual connector between customers and service crew members – Service Call System. A press of the button signals a service demand and identifies the service requested (whether an order, bill, etc.). Service crew no longer needed to chase after customer demand by shadowing customers around and only respond to deliver a successful service when the need arises. Subsequently, it improves efficiency and reduces workload pressure on the service crew. Furthermore, with physical monitoring made redundant, private dining rooms are no longer an obstacle to providing a quality customer service.


Poolside Restaurant or Bar is not an unfamiliar sight in hotels. In some hotels, the dining space extends from indoor to outdoor. The large area and limited number of waiters impede the quality of customer service provided. Moreover, waiters approaching customers to take order, prepare bill, serve food or attending to requests requires travelling time. In other words, customer’s waiting time is prolonged.

For illustration purposes, let’s consider the Bill Payment Process.
Wireless Paging System Service Procedure

By deploying the Service Call System, the waiter is immediately notified of customer’s intention to make a payment and directly retrieve the bill for the customer. This reduces unnecessary movements within the front-of-house premise and hence improve productivity and customer service.

Another common feature of hotels is the conference rooms. These rooms, offering a space for guests to hold meetings or important events, also require hotel staff to facilitate a smooth process. For full customer satisfaction, at least a hotel staff is usually attached to a conference room. Then again, it is cost inefficient (high labour costs) and unproductive.

Service Call System reverse the responsibility whereby customers’ requests for service when needed instead of hotel staff standing by waiting for the demand. This satiates business owners’ appetite for both higher service rate and customer focus.

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A “Smart” Service that Cooks up a Storm in the Highly Competitive F&B Industry

A “Smart” Service that Cooks up a Storm in the Highly Competitive F&B Industry

“Customer is King” is a classic business mantra that has been stressed in the service-oriented F&B industry, though not without a justification. To many F&B business owners, customers represent a livelihood. Needless to say, boosting business sales revenue and profitability primarily depend on these customers. Aside from an addictively scrumptious meal, how can the overall customer experience be enhanced? An unforgettable customer service – one that could not only attract loyal customers but also prevent the loss of potential customers.

After placing their orders, customers usually crowd around the storefront while waiting for their food. This gives an unfavourable impression of a long waiting queue. Worst still, some customers occupy the seats within the dining premises. This leads to space constraints and thereafter, a bad reputation when frustrated customers who have already collected their food find themselves unable to get seats, especially during peak periods.

By integrating ANTFI Guest Paging System into the service operations, customers are no longer required to physically queue in a waiting line for their food. Consequently, idle time becomes a free time whereby they are allowed to carry out other agendas on hand or indulge in other leisure activities.

When facing a long queue, reneging and balking frequently occur. That is to say, there is a high tendency for potential customers to either drop out of the queue or not even bothering to join the queue to begin with. With a virtual queue, it lessens customers’ sensitivity towards the waiting time and elevates their mood, reducing dropout or walkaway customers.

Meanwhile, convenience is often a salient consideration in customers’ purchase decision. Empowering customers with time freedom itself boosts a convenient order-and-collect process. Since customers are free for leisure and enjoyment while virtually queueing, the waiting crowd naturally disperses. In short, space constraint is no longer a problem and an immediate seat availability portrays an image of convenient dining. All these embody a gratifying service that would subsequently grow customer loyalty and henceforth, retain and enlarge customer base.

Moreover, a long physical queue is an inadvertent conveyance of information to new, potential competitors. Direct brand competition might become inevitable. To illustrate, you are operating a Japanese cuisine business. A potential competitor notices a long queue for your store and realises that there is high demand and profitability for Japanese cuisine in the area. Accordingly, they might vie to open a new Japanese food business in the area. In essence, the length of your queue is an image of how well your business is doing and freely feeding potential competitors this information. With a virtual queue, ANTFI Guest Paging System helps businesses avoid these competitors.

Create a win-win situation where customers are satisfied and your business makes a healthy profit. A “smart” service will make customers a walking advertisement. ANTFI Guest Paging System is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The ball is in your court.

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Enhance Safe Distancing And Empowering Freedom in Healthcare Facilities

Enhance Safe Distancing And Empowering Freedom in Healthcare Facilities

Typical Scenario

At any healthcare facility, be it clinics, hospitals, TCMs or pharmacies, it is normal for patients to be in close proximity while waiting in a queue. Throughout the entire process of registration, consultation with the doctor, collection of medicine and bill payment, patients and/or their family members become obliged to remain idle in the same confined spaces. Naturally, the waiting area is usually crowded with the average waiting time being up to several hours, especially during the peak periods.

Ineffective System

Does the current queuing model in healthcare facilities complements the fast-pace lifestyle we are accustomed to? No. Moreover, the Traditional Queue Calling System is no longer effective in many situations. For example, people with poor hearing or sight would not be able to benefit from this system while elderly patients are noticed to have frequently fall asleep during the long waiting time.

Wireless Paging System Used In Hospital

Ideal Scenario

Enhance safe-distancing and empower patients with the freedom to manage their own waiting time even when they are sick!

Healthcare facilities (clinics/hospitals/TCMs/pharmacies) can achieve the following:

  • Improve patients and/or their family members’ quality of time by granting them mobility to engage in other activities outside the waiting area (such as reading a book with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria)
  • Minimalize contact between patients by allowing them freedom to roam out of the waiting area
  • Drive patients and/or their family members to consume within the healthcare premises
  • Improve effectiveness of the queuing system by catering to the elderly and patients with hearing or sight loss
  • Remove waiting area and lessen space constraint

Our Solution

ANTFI Guest Paging System flashes and vibrates to notify patients and/or their family member(s) once the doctor or pharmacist is ready to attend to them. It helps healthcare facilities overcome areas of challenges which was impossible with  the traditional queue system. Our system is reliable, robust, and has good coverage and stability, giving both the healthcare service providers and patients an ease of mind.

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