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Typical Scenario

At any healthcare facility, be it clinics, hospitals, TCMs or pharmacies, it is normal for patients to be in close proximity while waiting in a queue. Throughout the entire process of registration, consultation with the doctor, collection of medicine and bill payment, patients and/or their family members become obliged to remain idle in the same confined spaces. Naturally, the waiting area is usually crowded with the average waiting time being up to several hours, especially during the peak periods.

Ineffective System

Does the current queuing model in healthcare facilities complements the fast-pace lifestyle we are accustomed to? No. Moreover, the Traditional Queue Calling System is no longer effective in many situations. For example, people with poor hearing or sight would not be able to benefit from this system while elderly patients are noticed to have frequently fall asleep during the long waiting time.

Wireless Paging System Used In Hospital

Ideal Scenario

Enhance safe-distancing and empower patients with the freedom to manage their own waiting time even when they are sick!

Healthcare facilities (clinics/hospitals/TCMs/pharmacies) can achieve the following:

  • Improve patients and/or their family members’ quality of time by granting them mobility to engage in other activities outside the waiting area (such as reading a book with a cup of coffee in the cafeteria)
  • Minimalize contact between patients by allowing them freedom to roam out of the waiting area
  • Drive patients and/or their family members to consume within the healthcare premises
  • Improve effectiveness of the queuing system by catering to the elderly and patients with hearing or sight loss
  • Remove waiting area and lessen space constraint

Our Solution

ANTFI Guest Paging System flashes and vibrates to notify patients and/or their family member(s) once the doctor or pharmacist is ready to attend to them. It helps healthcare facilities overcome areas of challenges which was impossible with  the traditional queue system. Our system is reliable, robust, and has good coverage and stability, giving both the healthcare service providers and patients an ease of mind.

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