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Wireless paging system is an effective tool to improve front-of house operations. Due to staff constraint, many contemporary restaurants are adopting the concept of self-service operations. Hence, sourcing for the right solution to support the restaurant’s shift towards self-service is becoming increasing important.

There are two available options to effectively operate self-service restaurants, namely the Guest Paging and Queue Calling System. In fact, most restaurants would use either one of the above-mentioned systems to manage their day-to-day operations. However, many of them experienced the same pitfall – implementing the wrong system which resulted in poor efficiency and dissatisfied patrons. In one such case, the Queue Calling System was implemented, and yet staff still had to constantly call out the queue number.

How to identify the right solution for your restaurant. The efficiency of the Guest Paging or Queue Calling System depends on the food preparation turnaround time and queue length of respective restaurants. Below is a simple table formulated to identify the right solution that fits your restaurant’s requirements.

Formulated Table
How to select the right product for your restaurant. Once the right solution has been identified for a restaurant, the next step is to select the right product. With a multitude of products being available, choosing the right product is equally important as identifying the right solution. Generally, high-quality products designed for long-term usage are more cost-effective. These products offered by ANTFI have an average shelf-life of more than 5 years and come with low-cost, easy maintenance. On the other hand, low-quality products tend to have an average shelf-life of less than 12 months and are coined as “Buy and Throw Away” (BATA) product.

Here is a basic guide to help you select the right product:
Option 1: High-quality Product (Ideal selection)
i. Are you looking for long-term solution?
ii. Are you looking for robust, reliable and stable products?
iii. Are you looking for products with good coverage?

Option 2: Low-quality Product (constraint condition)
i. Is the future of your restaurant filled with uncertainties?
ii. Is your restaurant currently in the try-and-error stage?
iii. Are you unsure of which solution works for your restaurant?

Ideally, we recommend that restaurant owners should consider ANTFI system as their primary choice of purchase. Our systems are assured high-quality and designed to ensure reliability, stability, robustness and good coverage.

If your restaurant is already using “Buy and Throw Away” products that have short shelf-life or are frequently malfunctioning, here is a great opportunity to reconsider by taking a look at the wireless paging systems ANTFI offers. We are now offering a trade-in promo for restaurant owners to upgrade their existing old or malfunctioned systems.

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