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Grant (HPG)


Grant For Hawkers & Food Centres

The Hawkers’ Productivity Grant (HPG) is a funding support to encourage individual stallholders to be more productive with the use of automation equipment.  The HPG will co-fund the purchase of suitable automation equipment by stallholders, to help them achieve higher productivity through the use of technology.


ANTFI guest paging system has qualified as a productive equipment by NEA. For stall owners who wish to purchase the guest paging system is eligible for 80% reimbursement incentive.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Is a registered stallholder with a valid hawker licence issued by NEA / SFA
  • Has a valid Tenancy Agreement with NEA or NEA-appointed operators, with balance tenancy term of at least one (1) year
  • Complies with any terms and conditions as imposed by NEA

Application Procedure

Submit Application Online

Login to Hawkers Online Portal ( using SingPass
Documents Required:
1. ANTFI equipment quotation.
2. Brochure with equipment.
3. Copy of bankbook or estatement that shows bank account and holder’s name.

Purchase Antfi System

Stallholder can proceed to purchase the paging system
i. Upon receiving the Letter Of Offer (LOO) and;
ii. return Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to NEA within 30 days.


Submit Claim

Stallholder can submit documents by post or by hand at NEA One-Stop information and Service Centre.
Original documents required
i. Disburstment Request Form
ii. Invoice & Receipt of purchase
iii. Direct Credit Authorization (DCA) Form
iv. Others (if applicable)

Fund Disbursed

NEA will disburse the grant amount to stallholders’ bank account within 30 working days. 

Finding the application procedure too complex? Do not worry. We are here to provide a complimentary service to assist you with the full process of the Hawkers’ Productivity Grant (HPG) application including initial online application submission, LOO/LOA follow up and the final claim submission.

Getting the Hawkers’ Productivity Grant does not need to be complicated. Whatsapp us for further queries or fill up the assistant form to allows us to revert back to you .

All claim approval/rejection will be advised by the authorized agency, NEA. As a equipment supplier, we are unable to advise when the approval will be given nor provide any guarantees.

Self Help Material
Hawkers’ Productivity Grant Brochure.
Hawkers’ Productivity Grant Application Procedure Guide.


ECO G3 Paging System

The ECO G3 paging system is co-developed in Singapore to meet the local requirement such as robust, stable, reliable and wide coverage of 600m. It is designed with the smallest form factor and single power plug requirement to counter outlet space and power socket constraint. The system come with an out-of-range and reminder for pager return features. More importantly, the ECO G3 is certified as an IP-67 waterproof pager.

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ECO Coaster Paging System

The ECO coaster paging system is designed to meet the local requirement such as robust, stable, reliable and wide coverage of 600m. The system come with an out-of-range and reminder for pager return features. 

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ECO G7 Paging System

The ECO G7 paging system is made in Korea. This system is known to be robust, reliable, stable and with wide coverage of 500m by many customers. The system come with an out-of-range features. 

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Queue Calling System

The SC-R50 is a single group 3 digits queue calling system. It is a system capable of handling multi-keypad and multi-display, and has a coverage of up to 50m.

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Drop us an email or Whatsapp if you need us to assist you on the grant application.

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