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Our Range Of Products 

ANTFI systems keep customer informed, staff alerted
and smoothen operations and workflows.  

Guest Paging

ANTFI guest pagers are reliable and provide a convenient way to notify customers. Our systems are well known to the market to be the most robust and are capable of providing good coverage. If you ever need to integrate the system onto the POS system, we have the right tools and SDK for you to do so.

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Service Call

ANTFI service call allows customers to notify staff for service with a simple press of button. It offers customers and coworker an easy and efficient way to reach out for assistant. You can customized the transmitter with your company logo. We offer up to 3 buttons transmitter.

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Staff Paging

ANTFI staff paging allow coworker to notify their peers when they require service assistance with a simple press of button. It offers coworker an easy and efficient way to reach out to their peers. The smart staff paging system will remind and alert the staff until jobs are done. We offer up to 20-24 buttons transmitter.

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Guest Locator – Table

ANTFI guest locator helps staff to easily and efficiently locate their customer seating position. It offers staff a quicker way to deliver their service or order to the customers. The guest locator provide floor plan mapping offers staff easy tracking mode. The system supports multi-devices such TV, smartphone, tablets and so on.

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Queue Calling

ANTFI queue calling provide an alternative for staff to notify customers. Our queue calling system can support multi-counters and multi-displays. The system allows display customization to fit into every organization marketing requirements.

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Luggage Management

ANTFI luggage management solution helps staff to easily manage and locate customers luggage. The luggage management system support multi-counters and allow staffs to notify coworkers when they require service assistance.

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Crowd Control Management

ANTFI crowd control management solution helps control the crowd into a constraint areas. The solution offer a simple and efficient way to manage, monitor and control the number of people into a given space. Once the given time is up, the system will automatically alert the guest informing him that it’s time to leave.

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Delivery Management

ANTFI delivery management solution helps control and manage vehicles into a limited building loading areas. The solution offer an efficient way to manage and notify coworker of the suppier delivery. Once the staff are ready, they will notify the drivers to drive into the building loading bar through the pagers.

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ANTFI Wireless is one of the leading wireless communication distributor since 2009. Today, we further commit ourselves as a developer & exclusive distributor with our own ‘Design in Singapore’ brand. Under our stewardship, our current local team continuously seeks to create innovative technology that efficiently resolves queuing problems. Throughout 11 years, we have successfully established a reputable branding through out team’s dedication to exceptional quality, creativity and services. ANTFI is now ready to expand within the region out of Singapore’s boundaries via channels or with business partners who share the same vision to sail along with us.

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