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Ordinary pager. Extraordinary Queue Control.

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Self Service

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Self Service

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How to use:

Step 01:

Pass the coaster pager(buzzer) to customer once they placed an order.

(Customer may take a seat while waiting)

Step 02:

Press the transmitter number button to page the customer for collection of order.

(Customer will be notify by the alert)

Step 03:

Once the customer approach the counter. collect back the pager before issue the order.

(Serve with brightest smile)


It is easy to use with 3 simples steps


Reduce high manpower overheads


Long distance range at approximate 300m-500m


Manage queue faster. reduce overcrowding


Reduce time wasting for delivery the order (more time wasted if unable to find them)

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Receiver (Pager/Buzzer)

Eco Pager

G3 Pager

Eclipse Pager


Eco Tx

G3 Tx

Eclipse Tx


Eco Charger

G3 Charger

Range Extender

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